Sponsorship Opportunities

Why We Need You!

Our programs and events are designed to improve middle school age youth in 3 areas: STEM, Fitness and Personality Diversity. The Goal of The Wyms Foundation is to provide computer devices and online programming to schools and community centers that have summer enrichment and after school programs. The programming will immerse students into Science, Computer Science, Engineering, Fitness Gaming and Personality Diversity. We need your support to provide the computers and teacher training to implement our programs.  Your support will allow us to deliver a quaility program by quality people who can get the job done.  
Benefits of Being A Donor

All donors are eligible to receive a personal Social Media Thank You ad from The Wyms Foundation across multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and other platforms. The person, family, organization or company that donates to our programs can link that Facebook ad to any website they wish.  That Facebook ad can be seen in any area in the world the donor chooses.  We believe the community should support the people, families, organizations and companies that invest their time and resources back into the community.  We want to be an advocate for our donors in the communities they choose to live and do business in.  


  • College Prospect - $20-$500
  • Free Agent-  $500
  • Pro-  $1,000
  • Pro-Bowl-  $5,000
  • All-Pro-  $10,000
  • Hall of Fame-  $25,000 
  • The Ring-  $50,000
  • The Lombardi-  $100,000


Hall of Fame, The Ring, and The Lombardi level donors get to spend an evening with our founder Ellis Wyms of the 2003 Superbowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  He will tell the story of how he made it to the NFL and the story of the Tampa Bay Bucs Superbowl team.  Here stories about Hall of Fame coaches, players, and opponents. Learn the inner workings of a historic, dominante Buccaneer defense and the culture that made them champions.