How You Can Help

We Can Win Together!

Our programs and events are designed to improve middle school age youth in 3 areas: S.T.E.M, Fitness and Personality Diversity. The Goal of The Wyms Foundation is to provide computer devices and online programming to schools and community centers that have summer enrichment and after school programs. The programming will immerse students into Science, Computer Science, Engineering, Fitness Gaming and Personality Diversity. We need your support to provide the computers and teacher training to implement our programs.  Your support will allow us to deliver a quaility program by quality people who can get the job done. 

In order for the Wyms foundation to win we need your help. Please review the following ways you can be a part of a superbowl championship team.


Sponsorship Opportunities

All sponsors / donors will receive a personal Social Media Thank You ad from The Wyms Foundation across multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and other platforms. The person, family, organization or company that sponsors / donates to our programs can link that Facebook ad to any website they wish.  That Facebook ad can be seen in any area in the world the donor chooses.  We believe the community should support the people, families, organizations and companies that invest their time and resources back into the community.  We want to be an advocate for our sponsors / donors in the communities they choose to live and do business in.


Drive For The Future

An event that encourages consumers to Trade-In their cars at dealerships that donate those cars to a worthy cause. We partner with Microsoft to bring Surface Tablets and XBOX systems to your dealeship. We set up stations for the customers that involve  coding games and interactive fitness gaming. This will create a fun and educational event for kinds and parents that come to your dealership shopping for a new car. The customers will also get to tryon and take pictures with Ellys Wyms and his Super Bowl Ring from the 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, creating a memory at your dealership that will last a lifetime.


Coin Up

Coin Up is a revolutionary mobile app that "rounds up" the spare change on your everyday credit/debit card transactions and donates the "spare change" to the Wyms Foundation each month. Donating is easy, download the app, choose the Wyms Foundation. Its safe, easy, you're in control and you get to see the true impact of your dollars for your charity through a monthly snapshot, and receive a year-end tax donation receipt.