Get Involved


We need you help to make sure our children have the computers they need and the support in the classroom to ensure they get the most out of our program.  Your generous donations help make that possible.

Schools and Community Centers
Interested in bringing the AFCS to your school or community center?  Sign-up to start the process!   We will access the technology capabilities of your class site and start the process of get you kids plugged into our program.


College and Pro Athletes

Our athletes can have a tremendous effect on how our students view Computer Science.  College or Pro Athletes interested in teaching or being a computer science ambassador via video conference sign up here.  


Computer Science Teachers

Teachers with the ability to teach curriculum have a valuable role to play in preparing our kids for the advanced economy they will face in the future.  We need your help to not only teach student but to also prepare teachers on the ground to become Computer Science Teachers.   Computer Science teachers interested in teaching one of our classes sign-up here.

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