Ellis R. Wyms has been a winner on and off the field. His life story is one of perseverance, hard work and a winning attitude. Ellis grew up in Indianola, Mississippi, a small town in the Mississippi Delta. As a youth he would have never imagined playing big time college football at Mississippi State University, being drafted to play 8 years in the NFL and eventually retiring with a coveted super bowl champion ring as a memento to all his hard work on the field. Ellis played 8 years in the NFL with the Tampa Bay buccaneers, the Seattle Seahawks and The  Minnesota Vikings.

Excellence in academics is something Ellis has always believed in and is the message he brings to youth around the country.  He understands that America's educational system plays a pivotal role in the future of America.  Ellis joined with the NFL YET centers through the NFL's Healthy Minds and Healthy Bodies programs in 2003, speaking on the importance of healthy habits and academic excellence. Since 2002 he has funded and hosted several football camps to promote how one's education, character development and the appropriate value system can lead to success in life.  In 2011 Ellis and his family joined the Kids Across America camp to speak on the importance of faith and family in modern times.

After retiring from the NFL Ellis completed a rigorous selection process to become a financial advisor to Merrill Lynch/Bank of America.  He now gives speeches to young people about what the nation's top companies are looking for in potential employees. His experience in the world of sports and business gives him a unique perspective on what it takes to be a winner.  The NFL has helped to mold him into a man that cares about his community and has aide him in understanding the importance of teamwork in the field of education of our youth. 

Ellis is now the Lead Volunteer at The Wyms Foundation.  The Wyms Foundation creates programs that focus on Fitness, S.T.E.M. and Personal Intervention through E-Colors in Education.  Ellis is also a man that is devoted to his family.  Him and his wife DeeDee have been married for 9 years. DeeDee runs DeeDee Wyms Realty, a very successful real estate practice in the Houston, Texas area.  They  have 4 beautiful children Jordyn, RJ, and their twins Alexandria and Jacob.  They both are very active at their children's schools and are committed to being great parents.




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