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For Athletes

Traditionally, athletes have been used to encourage kids to excel in sports and fitness. We believe athletes can use their influence to encourage children to learn more about computer science. Our program uses video conferencing technology to allow athletes to participate in computer science classes with our students. Want to help out? Click the link below to learn how you can make a difference by participating in our program.


For Schools & Community Centers

Are you interested in bringing an innovative and engaging STEM program to your site? Are you interested in engaging with college- and professional-athletes to make learning fun and exciting? Our program creates access to high quality computer science education, teaches your students new skills, and introduces students to professional athletes for mentorship and support.

For Kids

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Welcome to Athletes For Computer Science:
Our mission is to inspire elementary aged children to be interested in a career in Computer Science. Our vision is to use the influence of Professional and College Athletes, online computer science curriculum, and video-conferencing platforms to teach and inspire kids to focus on computer science education.



"Ellis has volunteered his time and resources to support our mission.  He has been commited to serving his commuity and helping our youth improve. I know that he is someone we can count on to represent what it means to be an ALL-Pro Dad.  Im sure The Wyms Foundation will do great work in the Houston community".  


- Darren Grey Director ALL Pro Dads

"GEO Prep Mid-City was very fortunate to participate in the Atlethes for Computer Program this summer. This program introduced our scholars to computer programming. The level of engagement exhibited by our scholars was amazing to observe. Scholars were challenged to problem solve and think critically to solve puzzles as they learned coding.
Thank you Mr. Wyms for allowing us to have  this learning opportunity. You were an awesome instructor! I look forward to implmenting this program in the fall.."

- S. Douglas

"Ellis was always a hardworking young man who did whatever we needed him to do.  He was a good teamate that the guys in the lockeroom could depend on.  I've seen him grow from a young man into a great father and husband that has a passion for serving his community.  I'm proud of him".


- Tony Dungy Hall of Fame NFL Coach